Skin Cancer

Dr. Neil Tanna treats a high volume of skin cancer patients. While respecting the goal of cancer treatment, Dr. Tanna attempts to achieve a good aesthetic result after the skin cancer is removed. This is especially important in visible areas of the body, such as the face.

Having expertise in the full spectrum of reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Tanna has the skill set to treat all affected areas of the face and body. If needed, he can use grafts and flaps obtained from the patient’s own body. Dr. Tanna blends the principles and techniques of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery to remove cancers on the face, while restoring the original appearance.

Dr. Tanna takes great pride in his results following skin cancer treatment. His work has been published in numerous scientific journals. Additionally, his results have been presented at national and international medical meetings. He offers a collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach to treatment working with the best dermatologists, Mohs surgeons, and oncologists.