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Butt augmentation surgery is split into several types—in some cases, using fat transfer (Brazilian butt lift), or in some cases, using butt implants. Dr. Tanna performs butt augmentation to enhance the shape and rounded appearance of the buttocks.

A popular procedure for reshaping and enhancing the buttock is performed by fat grafting, with the use of your own natural fat cells. The fat is harvested from another area of your body that has an excess. This procedure is popularly known as a Brazilian butt lift. It is not appropriate for those who do not have sufficient body fat to harvest.

Butt Augmentation in New York An Outpatient Procedure

Dr. Tanna performs butt augmentation on an outpatient basis. He can help you increase the fullness, roundness, or projection of your buttocks. It is important that your enhancement is performed with the least invasive method, as you will experience faster healing time.

Should I get butt augmentation?

Many people feel that their derriere is not attractive, due to being too small, too flat, or saggy. A butt augmentation can enhance your overall physical appeal and create a more pleasing body contour. If you are unhappy with the size or shape of your bottom, we can help you achieve the look you envision for yourself, either with fat transfer or implants. The procedure will be custom-tailored specifically for you, your needs, and what you hope to achieve. Patients who want to undergo butt augmentation surgery typically have the following concerns:

  • Butt too small for body shape
  • Butt too flat or square in appearance
  • Butt is loose or saggy
  • Clothing does not fit you properly due to shape and size of buttocks

Butt Augmentation with Implants

Some slimmer patients are not candidates for fat transfer, and may choose to enhance the size and projection of the buttocks with implants. These implants are available in various sizes and shapes to suit every body type. The implants are placed within a surgically created pocket.

Recovery from Butt Augmentation Surgery

Patients vary in the speed with which they heal. After butt augmentation with implants, you should plan on about two to three weeks of recovery time. During this period, you will need to limit your activities and wear support garments. After fat transfer butt augmentation, you will need to avoid sitting for several weeks, as the fat cells need to settle into their new position and become viable. You will need to sleep face down. You will be provided with a complete guide to aftercare, and Dr. Tanna will see you several times at follow-up appointments to ensure all is proceeding as it should.

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