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No procedure is more easily tolerated than enhancing the face or body with the use of your own natural fat. Fat transfer (also called fat grafting) treatments can be used to restore volume to facial areas that appear hollow, to enhance breasts, or to improve contour of the other areas of the body. Similar to dermal filler injections, facial fat transfers add volume to deficient areas. However, the “filler” in this case is coming from your own natural tissue. Areas of the face that are treated safely with natural looking, yet effective, results include the cheeks, nasolabial folds marionette lines, crow’s feet, thin lips, and facial wrinkles.

How Fat Transfer Works

Performing fat transfer involves harvesting fat from a body area with excess fat, preparing it, and injecting the purified fat into another area of face or body. The procedure requires Dr. Tanna to make a small incision at the area of fat excess. These donor sites can include the abdomen, love-handle area, or thigh region. As it is necessary to harvest fat, it has the added benefit of producing a slimming effect on an area of your body with excess fat, such as hips, thighs, or love handles. The harvested fat is purified and re-injected to area requiring volume enhancement (recipient site). The procedure is exceptionally safe, as your body easily accepts your own cells, and the procedure does not involve any risk of rejection of a foreign substance such as a synthetic filler or implant. Not all the transferred fat will survive, but those viable cells that do remain will have a permanent result.

Facial Enhancements with Fat Transfer

As we age, the tissue and fat beneath facial skin begins to thin. For some, this leaves the face looking gaunt, angular, and aged. The fat transfer procedure can serve to restore facial areas that have lost volume, including:

  • Around eyes
  • Cheeks
  • Temples
  • Jawline

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Fat Transfer for Breast Enhancement

Breast augmentation is often associated with the use of implants – which is a common method of increasing volume. Fat transfer can also be effective for those who have unevenly-sized breasts, or want to subtly increase breast volume. In addition, fat grafting can be used for breast reconstruction. The procedure involves harvesting fat from an area of the body with fatty deposits, purifying the fat, and carefully injecting it into areas of the breast that need volume enhancement. Fat transfer can be performed in isolation or used in conjunction with breast augmentation surgery for some patients.

Fat Transfer Procedure: The Steps

The fat transfer procedure is not complex or lengthy. It involves the following steps:

Dr. Neil Tanna: Fat Transfer in New York

We invite you to a private consultation at our New York office to discuss your options for enhancements using fat transfer technology. Dr. Neil Tanna is a double board certified plastic surgeon, educator, and author who has garnered a reputation for excellence in his field of practice. Fat transfer treatments make it possible to increase volume for face, breasts, and body with your own fat – the perfect filler.

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