Diet and exercise alone may be unable to restore a flat and well-toned abdomen. Excess skin, an odd appearance from separated abdominal muscles (diastasis recti), or sagging abdominal tissue, fat, and skin, may require surgery. These changes to the abdominal area are in part due to aging, pregnancy, or fluctuations in weight. The tummy tuck is a customized surgical procedure. Dr. Tanna will tailor a surgical plan to help you restore a firmer, flatter, more youthful tummy area. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Tanna uses the most advanced surgical techniques in his approach to abdominoplasty and body contouring surgery to give you the best results in a tummy tuck Long Island has to offer.

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What Is A Tummy Tuck?

Many people, both women and men, live with a bulging abdomen. Even those who eat a healthy, nutritious diet and consistently exercise can be dismayed to discover that none of their efforts restore a firm, tight abdomen. In these cases, a tummy tuck may be the appropriate procedure. This surgery corrects a loose, sagging abdomen. This procedure is not a weight-loss surgery – it is geared to restore the tummy area, repair loosened muscles, and remove the excess skin and fat.

Tummy Tuck: The Procedure

Each one of our Long Island abdominoplasty procedures is a custom-tailored surgical procedure, geared to resolve the unique issues of the individual patient. The steps in the procedure are as follows:


The type of anesthesia used can vary, based upon the extent of the surgery and the patient. Most commonly, general anesthesia is required.

The Surgery

Incisions required to excise the excess skin and fat. If the abdominal muscles have separated or loosened (diastasis recti), they will be tightened so they lie flat. The incisions will be placed in various areas, based upon the patient’s anatomy, but you can be confident that Dr. Tanna will do all he can to keep incisions as small as possible.

The Final Step

Once the area is repaired, the incisions are closed. Dissolvable stitches will be utilized. High-grade medical adhesive is placed over the stitches, allowing patients to shower in as little as 24 to 48 hours after surgery.

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What To Expect: Abdominoplasty Recovery

Our tummy tuck in Long Island will require some healing time. Initially, you will need to rest at home for several days, with limited activity. Long acting nerve blocks are performed during the surgery, to help minimize pain. Nonetheless, prescription pain medications will be provided to keep you comfortable during the early stages of recovery.

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Patients Heal At Different Rates

Healing time varies, based upon the patient and extent of surgery. Younger people, such as mothers who have chosen to have a “mommy makeover,” often heal more quickly than older patients. Abdominoplasty is an elective procedure, and it is advised that you arrange to have about four weeks to recover after the procedure.

Prior to surgery, comprehensive aftercare instructions will be provided. In addition, Dr. Tanna will be monitoring your progress throughout the healing phase to help ensure you have the best tummy tuck Long Island has to offer.

Should I Get A Tummy Tuck?

Many people have considered having a tummy tuck to resolve a flabby, loose abdomen. Excess flab, skin, and loose muscles affect what clothing you can wear with comfort, and can add years to your appearance. Candidacy may be decided with the following qualities:

  • In Good General Health
  • Have Lost A Dramatic Quantity Of Weight And Have Excess Hanging Skin And Tissue
  • At A Healthy, Stable Weight
  • Women Who Have Excess Loose Skin
  • Women With Lax Abdominal Wall After Pregnancy (Diastasis Recti)
  • Women With A Protruding Or Sagging Tummy That Diet And Exercise Won’t Resolve
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Types Of Abdominoplasty Procedures

As every person is unique in the aesthetic problems they live with, the exact procedure will vary based upon the individual. The surgical options include:

Standard Abdominoplasty

This procedure is often called a “full tummy tuck,” as it involves a full surgical repair to the upper and lower abdomen (area above and below the navel).

Mini Tummy Tuck

This procedure is appropriate for some patients, but is more limited, as it only addresses excess skin and fat below the navel.

Lower Body Lift

This procedure is more extensive, and appropriate for patients that need to removing excess skin and fat of not only the abdomen, but also the thigh and buttock region. The procedure can include liposuction to remove excess fat from lower back and hips. While this is a more invasive procedure, it offers the most dramatic improvement for patients.

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A More Youthful Body Contour: Abdominoplasty

Even younger patients can suffer from a loose, flabby tummy area, and feel less confident in body image. No matter what your age, if you are tired of living with excess fat, hanging skin, and a droopy, saggy abdomen, Dr. Tanna can help you restore the fit, trim, flat tummy with our abdominoplasty in Long Island.

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