Dr. Neil Tanna is board certified in Plastic Surgery and Head and Neck Surgery. With these professional qualifications, Dr. Tanna can correct the changes associated with facial aging, and is recognized for his skills in achieving a fresh, natural appearance for his patients.

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Are You Ready For A Facelift?

A facelift will correct facial sagging and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and creases, taking years off your appearance. During a facelift procedure, Dr. Tanna will access the skin and muscles of the face through a small incision around the ears. He then carefully tightens the sagging facial tissues and removes excess skin. As the incisions are made near the ears, any remaining scars will be hidden from view.

How Is A Facelift Performed?

For each patient, Dr. Tanna creates a customized treatment plan that will address their individual trouble zones and work to correct age-related imperfections. The goal is always to create a natural-looking result that does not appear forced or “pulled.” During a full facelift, an incision is made within the hairline, stretching from the temples down to the ears and into the scalp.

This provides the surgeon with ample access to manipulate and correct issues such as excess fat, sagging skin and sunken contours. The underlying muscle groups are tightened in order to provide the face with improved scaffolding at the deepest levels. After a facelift, patients can appear as much as 10 years younger.

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Facelift Procedure Timeline

Step 1

Anesthesia – Your Anesthesiologist Will Administer Either General Anesthesia Or Iv Sedation. You And Your Doctor Will Decide On The Best Choice During Your Consultation.

Step 2

Incisions – Your Surgeon Will Create An Incision Hidden In The Hairline At The Temples That Runs Down To The Ears And Finally Disappears In The Lower Portion Of The Scalp. A Second Incision May Be Created Beneath The Chin To Combat Aging In The Upper Neck.

Step 3

Tightening Of The Smas Muscles – Next, Your Surgeon Will Tighten The Underlying Facial Muscles, Firming The Deeper Layers That Give The Face Its Structural Integrity.

Step 4

Removal Of Skin, Tissue And Fat – Your Surgeon Will Excise Unwanted Fat Deposits And Reposition The Skin So It Is Taut And Youthful.

Step 5

The Incisions Are Closed – The Sutures Used To Close The Wounds Will Be Either Absorbable, Or They Will Be Removed Within A Few Days. Once They Heal, The Incisions Are Inconspicuous And Well-hidden Within The Natural Hairline.

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Why Choose Dr. Tanna?

Dr. Tanna does not simply lift the skin. Our facelift in Long Island involves treating the underlying muscle and restoring facial volume in areas that are sunken or gaunt in appearance. This approach can resolve any of the following signs of aging:

  • Loose Hanging Skin
  • Sagging Jowls
  • Drooping Cheeks
  • Lines, Wrinkles, Creases
  • Creased Brow
  • Loose Neck Skin And Tissue

A facelift produces long-lasting results. Dr. Tanna takes great care in incision placement to help keep the procedure scars hidden from view.

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Anti-aging Surgery With Outstanding Results

A facelift is often the appropriate procedure for men or women who are living with an excess of drooping, creasing, jowls, and sagging facial skin. As your face is constantly exposed to the sun, wind, cold, and heat, it is typically the first area of the body to show the impact of aging.

Initially, fine lines appear, which will gradually deepen, becoming creases and folds. The cheek tissue loses its firm, youthful quality, and begins to sag, creating deep creases from the sides of the nose to the mouth. Volume is lost throughout the face. Jowls appear, and the jawline loses its youthful, firm definition.

As an anti-aging treatment, our Long Island facelift restores your natural, youthful appearance. Rather than leaving you with the tight, unnatural look that is often associated with a poorly-performed facelift, Dr. Tanna produces consistently natural-looking results. The goal is to achieve a rejuvenated facial appearance – that looks like you.

What Is The Best Age To Undergo A Facelift?

Clients over 30 years of age can consider a facelift if they have already tried less invasive rejuvenation methods and found them insufficient. Patients who are seeing sagging in the midface and jowls, a loss of definition in the jawline, and the formation of wrinkles, creases and folds will benefit from a surgical facelift, which provides long-lasting improvements and a boost in self-confidence. The most common age for a facelift is 40-60, but older clients can undergo the procedure provided they are mentally and physically healthy and do not suffer from any major medical conditions such as hypertension or bleeding disorders.

The best way to tell for sure if you qualify for a facelift is to attend a private consultation with our team in Long Island. We will perform a detailed evaluation of your facial structures and listen carefully to your concerns. We will then create a personalized plan of action for rolling back the clock on aging and restoring your sense of satisfaction with how you look.

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What To Expect: New York Facelift Surgery

When considering a facelift, it is important to understand what to expect. Every facelift is tailored for the individual patient, as each person has specific facial flaws and conditions they need to resolve. The level of sagging and drooping and the quantity of excess skin and tissue determine what procedure will produce a refreshed, rejuvenated look. There are three general types of facelift procedures:

Traditional Facelift

This procedure is often appropriate for men or women with significant facial and neck sagging and drooping.

Neck Lift

Many people who are unhappy with the facial appearance will also require a neck lift procedure to resolve sagging skin, vertical bands, sagging jowls, and fat accumulations under the chin or the neck area.

Limited Incision (Short Scar) Facelift

This procedure produces a smoother, fresher look with smaller incisions; rather than at the hairline, they are carefully placed only behind the ear area. This procedure produces exceptionally natural-looking results when performed for the indicated patient by the appropriately skilled surgeon.

Preparing For A Facelift: For Our Patients

Prior to your facelift in Long Island, you as the patient, will go through various steps to help ensure the procedure is safe. This will include a thorough medical evaluation, often including lab tests. If you currently take medication, we work in liaison with your doctors to adjust certain types of drugs for your own safety. Smokers need to quit for at least a month prior to the surgery. Those who take daily aspirin, various herbal supplements, or anti-inflammatory medications will be asked to stop taking these products as they increase the risk of bleeding.

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Recovery And Aftercare: Facelift Surgery In New York

After your surgery, you will need a friend or family member to help you return to your home to rest. Your face will be bandaged to help limit the swelling and bruising that is normal with any surgical procedure. You should plan to gather and place what you will need at close hand to your bed so you are comfortable and able to rest without excess motion for the first day or two. Keep your head elevated on extra pillows, a foam wedge, or rest in a reclining chair. 

You will be provided with detailed aftercare instructions, and your recovery will be carefully monitored by Dr. Tanna and his team. Plan on taking at least 10 days to 2 weeks off work so your body is not under stress and has adequate time to rest and heal properly. For the best facelift Long Island has to offer, avoid any vigorous physical activity until given the go-ahead by Dr. Tanna.

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