What Are The Benefits?

  • Combines the benefits of flap and implant-based breast reconstruction
  • Adds softness and a realistic appearance to breast implants
  • Reduces complications such as palpability, rippling, or wrinkling
  • The fat layer means smaller implants can be used
  • Durable, long-lasting, natural-appearing results
  • Results mimic a natural-looking breast augmentation
  • Helps reduce instances of capsular contracture (implant hardening)

What Is HyFIL® Breast Reconstruction?

The HyFIL® (Hybrid Flap, Implant, Lipofilling) breast reconstruction technique is an innovative hybrid breast reconstruction technique developed by Dr. Neil Tanna and colleagues that combines the following into one integrated procedure:

  • A Flap (i.e. DIEP or PAP Flap)
  • Pre-Pectoral Implant
  • Fat Transfer (Lipofilling)

The HyFIL® Technique

The reconstructed breast size after surgery is no longer limited by the volume of the flap donor site (i.e. amount of tissue at the abdomen or thigh). In our HyFIL® Breast Reconstruction procedure, a small silicone or saline round implant is inserted in front of the chest pectoralis major muscle (pre-pectoral) and secured in place with acellular dermal matrix. A flap is then placed over the implant.

While an ordinary flap procedure creates breast mounds using the patient’s native fat deposits, the hybrid procedure helps enhance the size and projection of the reconstructed breast by adding a small breast implant under the flap. Fat transfer (lipofilling) is utilized to improve the appearance and contour of the breasts as needed.

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Hybrid Breast Reconstruction Patient Testimonials

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What Will Recovery Entail?

After your Long Island hybrid reconstruction surgery, Dr. Tanna will provide you with an aftercare plan that details when it is safe to resume exercise, work, and other activity. Most patients take around four-six weeks off from vigorous exertion. You will be able to drive again at around three weeks post-op, provided you are no longer taking any pain medications. Gentle stretching can help rehabilitate your shoulders, arms and chest. Within a few weeks you should regain your full range of motion.

Learn More About Your Recovery

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Who Is A Good Candidate?

Good Candidates Include…

  • Those who lack the necessary donor fat to perform a full reconstruction using autologous tissue
  • Those who seek an enhanced breast profile with a larger cup size
  • Those who seek the softness and naturalness of autologous tissue reconstruction but don’t wish to compromise on size and projection
  • Those who are in good mental and physical health
  • Those who are realistic in their expectations for their outcome

Why Choose Dr. Tanna?

Dr. Tanna is a Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon who is passionate about offering women a wealth of options for reconstruction and recovery. He creates a personalized approach that is right for your body, your lifestyle and your aesthetic goals. Dr. Tanna has no agenda; his only goal is to help elevate your quality of life as well as your sense of self-confidence.

Dr. Tanna is known for his contributions to the community as an educator and author. He has penned over 100 peer-reviewed articles in medical journals of note, and has presented his research at over 100 national and worldwide conferences. Dr. Tanna serves as Professor of Plastic Surgery at Hofstra University School of Medicine, and as the Associate Program Director of Plastic Surgery for Northwell Health. He is also a member of the Katz Institute for Women’s Health. Dr. Tanna is a member of the American College of Surgeons, the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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