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Osteomas are benign, slow growing tumors made of bone, often found in the head or neck region. Osteomas affect all ages, including children, but are most commonly diagnosed in patients between the ages of 40 and 60. While osteomas are not cancerous, they can still cause symptoms such as headaches, sinus infections, facial asymmetry, hearing issues, and/or vision problems. The type of symptom present varies according to the osteoma’s location within the head and neck. Treatment is only necessary for osteomas that are visible or causing symptoms.

Accurate diagnosis of an osteoma often requires a thorough history, physical examination, and radiographic imaging. The latter is most often accomplished with a CT (or CAT scan). This test can produce high-resolution images of the inside of your head and neck in order to determine the tumor’s size and placement within the body.

Osteomas, that are visibly apparent or associated with any of the aforementioned symptoms, often require surgical excision. This is often a simple, same day ambulatory (outpatient), procedure, with little recovery and downtime. Dr. Tanna can often perform the surgery with a minimally invasive endoscopic surgery technique. Alternatively, larger or more difficult to reach osteomas require an open approach.

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