It can be used to remove unwanted fat from the thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, waist, arms, back, chest, chin, and neck. It can be performed alone, or in conjunction with other procedures such as a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), facelift, or cosmetic breast surgery.

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Sculpt Your Body With Liposuction In New York

Dr. Tanna can perform liposuction on various areas of the body to sculpt and remove excess fat. Small incision sites are strategically placed in hidden areas. The procedure has little recovery time and can be performed on an outpatient basis. After the removal of the fat, a compression garment is worn to help contour the skin around the treated area.

About Liposuction

In the earlier days of liposuction, while fat was extracted, the outcome of the procedure was often less than what the patient expected. Modern technology has continued to advance, with more effective systems that produce smoother, more attractive results. Not only are the results more attractive, the recovery time is shorter. Dr. Tanna is committed to offering his patients the advantage of body sculpting with the most advanced systems and techniques for liposuction in Long Island.

When Diet And Exercise Are Not Enough

Many people eat a healthy, nutritious diet and consistently exercise but simply cannot reduce certain areas where fat has lodged on the body. The most common areas to be treated with lipo include:

  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Upper Arms
  • Buttocks
  • Flanks (Love Handles)
  • Under-chin Area

Fatty deposits in these areas are prone to being resistant to diet and exercise. If you are one of the many men and women who have tried to reduce these areas but are still left with persistent, unsightly, bulges, our Long Island liposuction surgery may be the procedure that will finally give you the more sculpted, shapely body you want.

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Types Of Liposuction

Modern liposuction systems provide smoother and more consistent results than older methods. The type of liposuction used on your body areas will be chosen for its efficiency in removing fat in the targeted zone. The types of liposuction now available include the following:

Tumescent Liposuction

This procedure involves injecting saline solution under the skin so the fat cells can be more easily accessed.

Power-Assisted Liposuction

This type of liposuction offers a mechanical back and forth motion of the extraction device to extract fat more quickly and easily.

Ultrasound Liposuction

This procedure uses ultrasound in conjunction with fat extraction. The fat in the target area melts due to the energy produced, and is more easily extracted. This may be the appropriate system for certain body areas.

Recovery After Liposuction

Depending upon the scope of the treatment and the type of system used, you will experience varying recovery times. After your treatment, you will be wearing supportive garments. You will be prescribed painkillers, but may find that over the counter agents keep you comfortable during healing. It is normal to expect some bruising, swelling, and numbness in the initial stages of recovery. The final result will be evident as the days and months pass. Maintain a healthy weight after the procedure, as weight gain can affect your results.

Body Reshaping With Liposuction

Your body will develop fatty deposits as a result of your genetic code and lifestyle. The treatment makes it possible to create a more attractive body contour, with excess fat extracted and your figure reshaped. The results can be a significant enhancement to your appearance, leaving you feeling far more confident in your appearance. Rather than being forced to live with a fatty abdomen, back, thighs, buttocks, arms, or a double chin, you can take advantage of the modern techniques used by Dr. Tanna to result and reshape your figure -- and live life with more confidence going forward.

Dr. Tanna: A Leader In Aesthetic Treatments

Dr. Tanna has gained a reputation is a premier plastic surgeon in New York. As a double board-certified plastic surgeon, author, and educator, he has a unique level of qualifications and credentials. If you are interested in reshaping your body, we invite you for a consultation to discuss what can be done to help you have a trimmer and more attractive body, with excess fat extracted with liposuction or other treatment. As every patient is different, only a comprehensive assessment will allow us to advise you of the type of procedure or combination of procedures needed in your case in order to give you the best and most natural results in liposuction Long Island has to offer.

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Liposuction FAQs

Is Liposuction Safe?

Is Liposuction Painful?

Is Liposuction Permanent?

Should I Get Liposuction If I Plan To Get Pregnant Soon?

Can I Treat More Than One Area At A Time?

Is Liposuction Safe?

Definitely! While any surgical procedure comes with its associated risks, liposuction is known for being a safe method of removing unwanted fat, especially from those stubborn areas.

Is Liposuction Painful?

During your liposuction in Long Island, a local anesthetic will be administered so you are comfortable during the procedure. At most, you will feel the mild pinch when the local aesthetic is administered.

Is Liposuction Permanent?

While liposuction does reduce the quantity of fat cells and fat overall in the targeted areas, it will not prevent you from gaining weight in the future. If you do gain weight however, your proportions will stay the same. A healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise are key to your health and to keeping your results.

Should I Get Liposuction If I Plan To Get Pregnant Soon?

Liposuction can be done prior to a pregnancy, however pregnancy will most likely reverse the results from the procedure. It is therefore wise to wait until after pregnancy, if you plan to be pregnant very soon.

Can I Treat More Than One Area At A Time?

Yes, of course. As a form of body contouring, we recommend using liposuction to target one or more areas at a time, to best create the shape you are going for.

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