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BOTOX Facial Wrinkle Treatment

BOTOX has long been used to beautifully smooth moderate to severe facial wrinkles. It is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment in the United States, and is most commonly used to treat frown lines between the eyebrows, crows’ feet and forehead lines.

FAQ Botox

    What causes wrinkles?

    Over the years, most people have repeatedly contracted the muscles of the face by frowning, squinting, and raising their eyebrows. As the skin loses elasticity and moisture with aging, the skin is less resilient and begins to “settle” in the areas over the contracted muscles and form wrinkles.

    How does BOTOX work?

    BOTOX relaxes the muscles underneath the facial wrinkles. This causes the muscle and overlying skin to smooth out, minimizing the wrinkles. The lines that are caused by this type of muscle activity or contraction are called “dynamic lines.” These are the lines and creases that BOTOX works best on, creating a smoother facial appearance that takes years off your appearance.

    How much BOTOX is needed?

    The amount of BOTOX needed to give a patient the desired degree of smoothness depends on how deep the wrinkles are and how many different areas are being targeted. BOTOX is measured in “units,” with each treatment area requiring a different number of units. The number of units also varies by client, with some needing more than others.

    What is the BOTOX procedure?

    Using a very fine needle, Dr. Tanna will gently inject BOTOX beneath the skin, into the facial muscles below the location of facial wrinkles. This most often requires at least several injections of small amounts of BOTOX across the scope of the wrinkle. The procedure can take less than 10 minutes, and side effects, such as minor bruising or redness, are rare.

    Are BOTOX injections painful?

    BOTOX injections should not be painful. On average, the sensation ranges from imperceptible to mild discomfort, depending on the area of the injection and individual sensitivity to pain. There are techniques to minimize the discomfort, such as applying a numbing cream or ice to the treatment site, and Dr. Tanna will do everything possible to ensure you have the most positive experience possible.

    How soon will I see results from BOTOX?

    Most patients see results in a few days, although some patients have reported that it took up to two weeks to see results. This however, is relatively rare.

    How long will the results from BOTOX last?

    The clinical indications show that results of BOTOX generally last three to four months and up to seven months, depending on the treatment site, and patients typically return periodically for further treatments. However, over time and with repeated treatments, the facial muscles become somewhat trained to relax, so the contractions are reduced and the wrinkles less severe.

    Are there other uses for BOTOX, besides as a wrinkle treatment?

    Yes, there are. Other conditions for which BOTOX is becoming popular are:

    • Migraine and tension headaches.
    • Teeth grinding that causes temporomandibular jaw (TMJ) disorders.
    • Hyperhydrosis, or excessive sweating of the underarms, hands and feet.

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