When breast tissue is removed, the nerves that supply sensation to the breast and nipple are severed, thereby disrupting the nerve signals. This means that patients may lose the ability to feel light touch, pain, and temperature on their breasts. Traditional breast reconstruction surgery can restore the size, shape, softness, and symmetry of the breasts, but not sensation.

Dr. Tanna, however, can perform nerve repair at the time of flap breast reconstruction to restore sensation to the breast. He can reconnect the nerves in the flap tissue to nerves in the chest. This can be done with or without using an allograft nerve tissue (a donated human nerve that has been cleaned and processed) to bridge the gap.

After several months, the nerve fibers will regenerate and eventually become incorporated into the woman’s own body. As the nerve fibers regenerate and grow, they have the potential to restore sensation to a woman’s breasts. This allows patients to look and feel like themselves after breast reconstruction.

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