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Dr. Neil Tanna treats many skin cancer patients, and is known as a master in restoring a more appealing look after skin cancer treatment. Dr. Tanna is committed to helping his patients achieve a good aesthetic result after skin cancer has been removed from the face or body.

Reconstructive surgery after skin cancer treatment

With extensive experience in the full spectrum of reconstructive surgery procedures, Dr. Tanna has the skillset to improve the affected areas of the face and body. If needed, he can use grafts and flaps when there has been significant tissue loss. A skin graft is a healthy piece of skin that is transplanted to a site site on the patient’s body, or is transplanted to a different patient entirely. A skin flap consists of skin plus underlying tissue that includes its own bloody supply.

Dr. Tanna blends the principles and techniques of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery to treat the scars and depressions left after cancer treatment performed on the face. He is dedicated to using the most advanced techniques to help a patient restore a natural look after a significant removal of skin and tissue has left the facial area looking uneven, marred, or disfigured.

A Leading Authority on Facial Reconstruction After Cancer

Dr. Tanna takes great pride in his results following skin cancer treatment. His work has been published in numerous scientific journals. His results have been presented at national and international medical meetings. He offers a collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach to treatment, and often works in conjunction with dermatologists, Mohs surgeons, and oncologists.

FAQ Scar Revision

    Can I rebuild an area of my face after skin cancer surgery?

    There are several techniques that may be used to restore a natural appearance after skin cancer surgery on the face. While smaller areas may be treated easier, larger areas, or those involving the eyes, nose, or lips, may require more complex reconstruction. Dr. Tanna has the qualifications and knowledge necessary to perform these delicate surgeries, including grafts or flap reconstructive surgery. The first step is meeting with us to determine what will be most effective in your case.

    How long will it be before I look normal after skin cancer reconstructive surgery?

    Initially, you will look worse, as the surgery will lead to swelling and bruising. It is not an immediate process, and it is important that you have patience. The area treated will slowly improve, with the results finally stable after about one year in some cases.

    Will insurance cover scar revision treatments?

    Reconstructive surgery following treatment of skin cancer is covered by all health insurance providers.

    Is reconstructive surgery performed at the same time as skin cancer surgery?

    If possible—which is most of the time—yes. Occasionally, the patient’s medical history or type of skin cancer requires reconstructive surgery to be delayed about one week.

    What happens after skin cancer reconstruction?

    Skin cancer reconstruction patients must avoid the sun initially, then use liberal amounts of sunscreen, and will apply scar massage with scar cream about 4-6 weeks after the procedure.

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