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Pregnancy and childbirth can bring enormous joy, but also cause a lasting impact on a woman’s body. Weight gained and lost, the birth itself and breastfeeding can change the skin, breasts, abdomen and other parts of the body. The skin's elasticity, particularly in the breasts and abdomen, can be pushed past the limit and wind up sagging or loose after childbirth, while the abdominal muscles may become lax, and the breast size deflated or drooping. For some women, these changes cause them to feel their body is less recognizable and familiar to them, and they lose self-confidence. They want to restore their body back to its former condition after their children are born or after they are done breastfeeding. That’s what a “mommy makeover” is designed to do.

Your children are an incredible gift. Dr. Tanna aims to provide another gift, one for yourself--your body restored to the firmer, lifted and youthful appearance you had before and want again.

What is a mommy makeover?

A mommy makeover with Dr. Tanna is a customized combination of procedures designed to restore your pre-pregnancy body. Dr. Tanna will work with you to understand exactly what has changed about your body that you would like to address to help you feel rejuvenated and at peace with your figure as a mother.

Mommy makeovers typically target the breasts and abdomen, but your experience with Dr. Tanna will be specifically designed to address your needs and aesthetic vision. Common concerns other than the breasts and abdomen are fat deposits on the thighs and buttocks, pigment changes in the face, unwanted hair growth, new wrinkles or a prominent C-section scar.

The mommy makeover allows all the procedures you want done to be completed safely during one surgical session, giving you one recovery period to experience instead of several that are spaced apart. After the single recovery period, you will be able to fully enjoy the benefits of this multiple-procedure surgery.

Mommy Makeover: The Procedures

There are a number of procedures and options Dr. Tanna provides that you can consider to have done as a part of your mommy makeover.

Breast Augmentation

For patients whose breasts have lost volume, Dr. Tanna will use implants to enhance the size and shape of the breasts. For those who would like to do a fat transfer for breast augmentation, Dr. Tanna will harvest fat from an area of the body with surplus fat (which simultaneously sculpts the area), purify the fat cells, and then inject them into the breasts.

Breast augmentation will restore fullness to the breasts, creating a shapely, feminine curve, and correcting any asymmetry as well.

Breast Lift

Often breasts sag as women age, and breastfeeding can exacerbate this. The breasts fill with milk and expand, but once the milk is no longer needed for feeding, the milk glands diminish and the breasts sag and droop. A breast lift raises the breasts and gives them a youthful, upward tilt again.

During this procedure, Dr. Tanna removes excess breast tissue, reshapes the breast, and for those who would like their nipples enhanced, reduces the size of the areola. The breasts sit higher on the chest and their perky lift is restored.

Breast Reduction

Some women experience significant breast growth that remains even after pregnancy and breastfeeding are complete. If the large size of breasts is unwanted, a breast reduction can be done to create smaller, more comfortable and proportional breasts.

Dr. Tanna will remove excess breast fat, glandular tissue and skin from the breasts and reduce the areolae, providing an attractive, proportionate physique.


No matter how much exercise is done or how well you eat, there are often stubborn areas of fat on the body after becoming a mother. Common areas are the abdomen and thighs, but there may be other pockets of fat as well that are simply not responding to your efforts to reduce them.

Liposuction contours the body by removing stubborn fat deposits permanently, giving you the sleek, fit lines you want to regain.

Tummy Tuck

During pregnancy, the abdominal wall and skin expand to accommodate a growing baby or babies. Women often have excess fat and skin in the abdomen that won’t go away with exercise and a healthy diet.

A tummy tuck tightens and flattens the abdominal wall and removes excess fat and skin. This provides a flatter, firmer and tighter abdomen and a contoured waistline.

C-Section Scar Revision

A C-section delivery can leave a prominent scar. This scar can be addressed and revised, improving its appearance.


During childbirth, the labia can be stretched substantially. This can cause the labia to hang or protrude, which can be embarrassing and uncomfortable during sex and while wearing tighter clothes such as yoga pants or a swimsuit.

A labiaplasty removes excess skin and stitches the area closed, leaving the labia at their usual length and size.

Non-Invasive Minimal Downtime Mommy Makeover Procedures

Facial Fillers

Having children can put wear and tear on the face from hormonal changes, late nights and stress. Botox, Restylane and Juvederm are available to smooth wrinkles, reduce signs of age and stress, and help sculpt the face and rejuvenate your appearance.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or Laser

Hormonal changes caused by pregnancy can cause pigmentation changes (blotchy brown patches on the face) that can remain after childbirth. Abundant hair growth in unwanted areas can also be caused by these changes, and this hair growth may be permanent.

For women who are experiencing pigmentation changes after having children or unwanted new hair growth, uneven skin tone or other concerns, IPL or laser treatment is an effective tool to smooth skin, remove unwanted hair and even skin pigment and tone.

IPL can also be used to address spider veins that appear during pregnancy and remain visible. Sclerotherapy, a procedure designed solely to treat spider veins with small injections directly into the veins, is also provided.

Facials, Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels

Whether your skin has become more oily or gotten dried out due to hormonal changes and the schedule of motherhood, it’s likely your skin could use a boost. Facial treatments are generally relaxing and enjoyable--you deserve one as a part of your experience.

Each of these treatments is designed to deeply refresh and renew your skin, leaving it radiant and glowing. They act as the finishing touches on your mommy makeover by cleansing, hydrating, and removing the dead or tired outer layers of skin.

Consultation withDr. Tanna

The first step of the mommy makeover experience is a thorough and detailed consultation with Dr. Tanna. Dr. Tanna will examine your body, including your breasts, abdomen and any other area you want to target. Dr. Tanna will ask about your concerns and ultimate physical goals, and about your medical history and medications.

Based on your discussion, Dr. Tanna will cover the different procedures available to address each area of concern, recommending the best procedure. If your goals indicate it, he will discuss non-invasive treatments, such as CoolSculpting to further shape and sculpt your figure, fillers to smooth wrinkles, or laser treatments to address unwanted hair, pigmentation issues, or skin concerns.

Dr. Tanna will help you decide if a mommy makeover is for you by providing information and allowing you to make this important choice for yourself, without any pressure.

1 on 1 Consultation

Preparation for Surgery

If you decide to move forward with your mommy makeover, Dr. Tanna will do a further consultation to go over preparation and details to plan before the surgery. If you’re having a breast augmentation, Dr. Tanna will help you choose the right size, type and shape of implant to suit your aesthetic vision and frame, giving you a chance to see how different sizes will look.

Dr. Tanna will want to ensure you aren’t smoking or taking blood thinners in the weeks leading up to your surgery, and that you will have support at home during the recovery time after your mommy makeover.

Recovery Details

Breast Surgery

After breast surgery, it is important not to try to lift anything over five pounds. You will experience bruising, swelling and tenderness in your breasts. You will need to take it easy for about a week and allow your breasts the time to heal before you return to work or your usual routine. You may start heavy exercise again after six weeks.

Tummy Tuck

After tummy tuck surgery, you will likely feel mild discomfort, but the recovery is not very painful. You may feel a tight sensation in your abdomen as though you have done an intense workout. Pain will usually diminish after the first couple of days, and it will be a couple of weeks before you can return to work or usual activities. You may resume vigorous activity or exercise in 7-10 weeks.


After liposuction, you will feel some pain and discomfort for the first 2-4 days after your procedure. You will wear a compression garment to assist in reducing the swelling. You will need to rest for about one week before returning to your usual activities, and take 4-5 weeks before resuming vigorous exercise.


After labiaplasty, you can return to work or light activities within 2-5 days. There will be swelling, and you may experience discomfort while urinating. You can pour warm water over the area as you urinate to ease this. Be sure to wear loose clothing and do not use tampons or have sex for six weeks after the procedure.

Complications and Risks

As with all surgeries, the risks include:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Persistent Numbness
  • Scarring

Scarring can’t be avoided, but Dr. Tanna will do everything he can to ensure the scars are hidden within the bikini line and the natural folds of the body. The scars will improve with time, but may not completely fade.

Breast Implant Risks

  • Capsular contracture (tight scar tissue around the implant)
  • Implant rippling
  • Implant rupture
  • Loss of nipple sensation

Why Choose Dr. Tanna for my Mommy Makeover?

Dr. Neil Tanna is a Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon whose attention to detail, appreciation of the individuality of each patient, and respect for harmonious form and function give him a reputation for friendly excellence and the highest standard of care. Dr. Tanna is committed to achieving safe, long-lasting, and natural-looking results, using his wide breadth of surgical talents to give each patient’s mommy makeover an individualized, outstanding result.

Dr. Tanna is known for an exceptionally kind, warm, professional, patient-centered manner, making him a favorite with women who want an understanding doctor during this important time. Dr. Tanna’s caring, collaborative approach with his patients provides an exceptional level of quality, security and trust. His many satisfied mommy makeover patients consider Dr. Tanna to be the best of the best because of the beautiful results he gets time and time again.

FAQ Mommy Makeover

    Will the recovery be painful?

    Many of our patients report experiencing less pain anticipated, especially for the tummy tuck procedure. However, the experience of pain varies widely depending on personal tolerance and the procedures performed.

    How long is the recovery time following a mommy makeover?

    Recovery time depends on which procedures you have done. If you have a breast implant procedure, tummy tuck, and liposuction, the total recovery time to be able to exercise vigorously again will be a couple of months. You will be able to go back to work or your usual light-level activities within a couple of weeks.

    What complementary procedures can be a part of a mommy makeover?

    Laser, IPL, facial fillers, and CoolSculpting are common noninvasive complementary procedures patients enjoy as a part of a mommy makeover. There are a number of other options as well, which can be discussed in your consultation with Dr. Tanna.

    How long should I wait to have sex after a mommy makeover?

    Wait three to four weeks before having sexual relations. However, depending on your recovery and the procedures you have, this time period may be longer. If you had labiaplasty as a part of your mommy makeover, wait six weeks. Be sure to take it easy and avoid any activity that is uncomfortable.

    How soon after delivery can I have a mommy makeover?

    Dr. Tanna recommends at least six months before your mommy makeover to ensure your body is fully recovered from childbirth.

    How soon after I finish breastfeeding can I have a breast augmentation?

    A breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction surgery can be performed after three months following the end of breastfeeding.

    What are the risks of a mommy makeover?

    Any surgery includes a risk of complications. These risks include bleeding, infection, scarring, pain, and change in sensation.

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