Dr. Tanna has completed extensive training in these disciplines, and is among a very small group of surgeons to have completed formal training in otolaryngology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and advanced reconstructive and microvascular surgery.

Dr. Tanna offers the full spectrum of facial, head, and neck reconstructive surgeries. This includes nasal, ear, eyelid, oral cavity, pharyngeal, scalp, and cheek reconstruction.

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State-of-the-Art Facial Reconstruction Techniques

At our practice, your facial reconstruction surgery will employ the most advanced techniques, including microvascular free flap reconstruction. Dr. Neil Tanna has a unique professional and educational background coupled with a personal passion for serving patients who need facial reconstructive treatments. This keen interest has led him to contribute to the field of facial reconstruction. He has authored many articles on the subject published in respected scientific journals. He has traveled around the country and the entire world to present his findings and results.

Facial Reconstruction Surgery in New York

Any facial disfigurement from cancer, trauma that has damaged facial structure, or congenital deformity can be repaired with the help of a skilled facial reconstructive surgeon. Dr. Tanna has dedicated his professional life to assisting those who are living with these conditions to restore facial appearance with advanced surgical techniques.

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Rebuilding and Correcting Facial Structure

Dr. Tanna assists his patients to rebuild, correct, and restore facial appearance. Only a full evaluation of the facial deformities will reveal the scope of the procedure needed. Various facial issues can be corrected, including:

  • Ear reconstruction
  • Scar revision
  • Nose reconstruction
  • Facial reconstruction after skin cancer
  • Facial reconstruction after trauma
  • Craniofacial (skeletal) reconstruction
  • Oral cavity and throat (pharyngeal) reconstruction

Facial Reconstruction After Cancer Surgery

Cancer treatment may have damaged your facial structure, leaving areas with disfiguring scars, deformities, or distortions of the cheek, lip, eye, or other anatomical structures of the face. Dr. Tanna uses breakthrough surgical techniques, including microvascular free flap reconstruction to produce outstanding improvements to facial appearance.

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What is Microvascular Free Flap Construction?

When cancer has impacted the head or neck, treatment involves excising the diseased tissue to help the patient live a longer, healthier life.

Impact to the face from trauma can also leave the facial area disfigured and affect the ability to swallow or speak. While restoring function is of ultimate importance, restoring a more natural appearance is another critical point in a full recovery.

Free tissue transfer involves using the patient’s own tissue, carefully harvested from another area of the body, and transferring this tissue to rebuild the affected area. The transplant of living tissue involves reconnecting the blood supply vessels so the transplanted tissue flourishes in its new location, a very delicate procedure. Rebuilding lost tissue with this procedure offers patients the ability to restore facial appearance and function. 

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