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Dr. Tanna performs a thigh lift to help reshape and tighten the thighs and lower body. By reducing excess skin and removing unsightly fat, you can enjoy a younger, tighter, more appealing look in the upper thighs. Each patient is unique, and every thigh lift is a customized procedure.

Sculpted, Proportionate Thighs, at Last

A surgical thigh lift can help your thighs be more sculpted and proportionate with your body. An outpatient procedure, a thigh lift can leave you looking more attractive, trimmer, and produce a huge increase in self-confidence in your body image. You can alter your body and create the appearance you want with advanced treatments to slim and trim your shape, including a surgical thigh lift.

Types of Treatments for Thigh Reduction

For patients who only have excess fat, liposuction may be the appropriate procedure. For patients with excess or sagging skin, excision of the extra tissue could be required to produce the most attractive outcome. Are you living with irregular, heavy thighs that impact your appearance and make you feel less confident? Dr. Tanna can evaluate your condition in a private, discreet consultation, and advise you of the procedure or combination of procedures to help you have thinner, more attractive thighs.

Should I get a thigh lift?

Any surgical cosmetic enhancement requires understanding what to expect in the treatment, recovery, and scarring. A surgical thigh lift may be the procedure to resolve a great deal of excess skin, fat, and tissue after a dramatic loss of weight. The thighs may appear droopy, saggy, and misshapen. The surgical procedure can help you finally move forward after achieving your weight loss goals, giving you the opportunity to wear tighter clothing and live life with a higher level of confidence and happiness.

1 on 1 Consultation

Recovery After a Thigh Lift

After your surgery, you can expect to be wearing bandages to hold the treated area in place. Drains may be placed, but should be removed in the first week or two after surgery. The thigh area will feel tender, and you will want to take the prescribed pain medication during the initial stages of healing. You will need to rest and will probably want to stay home for the first three to four days. It is helpful to have a friend or family member there to assist you during this period.

Sitting and bending over may be difficult and painful. Most patients who have undergone this procedure return to work after two to three weeks. Every person is unique in how quickly they heal, but typically younger people recover more quickly. It is advised that you organize your affairs so you can take at least two weeks off.

Thigh Lift: A Complex Surgical Procedure

A thigh lift is a complex surgery, and requires top level surgical skills to produce the most attractive result. Dr. Neil Tanna is a double board-certified plastic surgeon in Long Island who has garnered the respect of his peers, is often called upon as a speaker, serves as an associate professor, and who has published many scholarly articles on various plastic surgery topics. We urge you to find out the professional qualifications of any surgeon who will be performing a thigh lift, and look at the before and after images of patients who had a similar condition.

You are Invited

We invite you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Tanna at his New York office to learn what will be necessary in your case. The goal is slimmer, trimmer thighs, free of hanging fat, skin, and tissue. The outcome can be an incredible confidence-booster, and lead to other advantages, such as the ability to wear clothing styles and sizes that were impossible before the procedure.

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