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The following instructions are essential to a safe experience and good outcome from your rhinoplasty procedure. Use this as a checklist as you approach your surgery date. There may also be several weeks between your decision to have surgery and your actual surgical date. During this time there are several important considerations:

Practice Proper skincare

Practicing good skincare is an important factor in your overall appearance and the quality of your skin. This includes gentle cleansing morning and evening, proper moisture and daily use of a broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen, whether you are expecting outdoor sun exposure, or just the incidental exposure of daily life. Proper skincare is also important to help you maintain your results.

Pre-operative testing

Make certain to schedule all of the pre-operative testing and clearance you have been given.

Fill your prescriptions

Your prescription medications for use AFTER surgery will be sent to your pharmacy BEFORE surgery. Please arrange to pick these up prior to your surgery. You will be given prescription pain medication and an antibiotic.

STOP taking the following for the duration before your surgery.

Taking any of the following can increase your risk of bleeding and other complications:

  • Aspirin and medications containing aspirin
  • Ibuprofen and anti-inflammatory agents
  • Vitamin E
  • St. John’s Wort
  • Garlic Supplements
  • Green Tea or green tea extracts
  • Estrogen supplements
  • Oral contraceptives / birth control

Shower as directed the day before surgery

Use an anti-bacterial, fragrance-free soap. Shampoo your hair. Do not use any scented skin creams or moisturizers.

Follow pre-anesthesia directions. You may not eat or drink anything after 12 midnight

This means no candy, gum or mints. Anything more than a small amount of water as needed for brushing teeth or swallowing medication may result in the need to cancel surgery.

Dress appropriately on the day of the surgery.

  • Do not wear cosmetics, jewelry of any kind, contact lenses, hair clips, body piercing: (If there is something you cannot remove, let the admitting nurse know right away.)
  • Wear comfortable, clean, loose-fitting clothing: Wear only a top that zips or buttons up the front. Do not wear pullovers, turtlenecks or any tight fitting top or bottom. You may wear a robe. Wear slip on shoes. Wear clean cotton socks, as the operating room can feel cool.

Relax and enjoy life

Stress and anxiety over life’s daily events, and even your planned surgery can affect you. While some anxiety is common, any serious stress, or distress over the thought of surgery is something you must discuss with our office. We are here to support you and answer all of your questions. We want your decision to be one made with confidence.

Lastly, it is important to be aware of the following:

Your appearance will continue to refine after surgery. It may take a year for all swelling to resolve and for your nasal appearance to settle to a final outcome. A rhinoplasty is one of the most intricate of all plastic surgery procedures and healing is often unpredictable as delicate nasal bones may shift in healing. The outcomes may not be as expected. In some cases, a secondary procedure may be recommended to refine your outcomes.

Your appearance will change with age. Like any facial feature, your nose can change as you age. Call us at any time with any of your questions or concerns.

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